Happy home and business owners that contracted with Jovanovich Contracting in the Twin Cities and Denver areas for their construction and storm damage repairs.Our home suffered a lot of damage from the hail storm in the fall 2014 - roof and gutters wrecked, doors, windows, exterior siding, wood decking all suffered damage. All toll we had a $60k - $70k claim. Mark worked well with the out of state insurance carrier

and was even able to convince the rep to upgrade the claim to cover 2 large skylights and increase the settlement for repairs to our deck and railings. Mark negotiated with the insurance company, did the paper work for the HOA and mortgage lender, secured the county permits, and was able to coordinate his vendors and work schedules to start the repair project in a timely manner, while many of our neighbors were told by their contractors they would have to wait months for work to begin. Mark was reliable and responsive and completed the project satisfactorily in a timely manner. We were lucky to have Mark recommended to us by a trusted contractor friend. Mark did a great job on our home and would use him again.